Falkland Wool

Sheep farming for the production of high quality wool, has been the main form of agriculture in the Falkland Islands for over the last 170 years. Fleeces are available from the Polwarth, Corriedale, Cormo, Dohne Merino, Multi Purpose Merinos (MPM's) and Comeback sheep breeds.

Falkland WoolNewly shorn Falkland Wool

Falkland Wool Growers, acting as agents for the majority of farmers in the Islands, offer high quality fleece wool with the following specifications:-


  • Choice snow-white Falkland Islands fleeces untied
  • Fibre diameters available in the range 18 microns to 29 microns
  • Excellent soft handling, length and good bulk
  • .1/.5% vegetable matter, no burrs, classed and fully skirted
  • Prepared ready for best Scouring, Carding and Combing
  • Completely free of Organo-Phosphate and Synthetic Pyrethroid sheep dip residues (No sheep dipping is undertaken by Falkland Island farmers)
  • Certified Organic supplies available
  • Fully tested with original IWTO/WTAE/NZWTA certificates provided
  • All sheep non-mulesed